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Blepharoplasty by Dr. Eppley - Getting Rid of those Tired Looking Eyes

The eyes have been described as a window to the soul but they certainly are one of the most noticed of all facial features. Since the eye area is so essential to your overall appearance, it’s not surprising that many people want to regain a more youthful look in this facial area.

Excess skin begins to develop on the eyelids on most everyone by the time they reach their 40s. Thereafter, eyelid puffiness, wrinkles radiating out from the eye (crow’s feet), and protruding fat from the lower eyelid can make for a very tired appearance. While there are numerous in-office treatments today that can help the aging eye area, such as Botox and laser skin resurfacing, only blepharoplasty surgery can actually reverse the aging effects on the eyelids. Let Dr. Eppley in Indianapolis help you make the decision whether blepharoplasty surgery is right for you. The experience and skill of Dr. Eppley in performing blepharoplasty can help remove that tired look and make your eyes look as young as you feel!

Contemporary Eyelid Rejuvenation - A Natural looking You!

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Blepharoplasty is a facial procedure that helps one look less tired and more refreshed. The key to successful eyelid surgery is to maintain your natural look and not be overdone. The goal is a fresher and more rested appearance… not a different you. Aggressive surgery on and around the eyelids will produce a noticeable and dramatic change, but may leave the eye area looking overdone and unnatural. Blepharoplasty today is done with a better understanding of the importance of not disturbing the eyelid's complex system of support. Visit Dr. Eppley in Indianapolis to get rid of baggy and puffy eyelids with less scarring and tissue disruption that results in pleasing and natural improvements and safer long-term results.

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